After-shows is a research project that collects and re-presents other people's memories of once-live performances — and looks at the (im)possibilities of trying to do so. The project gathers fragments of personal histories connected to no-longer-live shows and attempts to give them other, new lives by inviting others to repeat, interpret, watch, listen to, respond to, and interact with them.

2022 research with performers hosted by Hexagram, Agora du Cœur des sciences, UQAM

With artists: Gisle Henriet, Sabine Jean, Nadine Louis, Hoor Malas, Momo, Neil Sochasky, Catherine Tardif

Open research session: Summer 2022

Thanks to: Hexagram-UQAM, Concordia Graduate Students Association (GSA), Observatoire des médiations culturelles (OMEC)

Thanks to Juulie Rousseau who took part in earlier research sessions

Prototype research session: August, 2020

With artists: Gisle Henriet, Nadine Louis, Joseph Pinzon

Thanks to: Concordia Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science’s Funding of Special Projects and Events

Interviews: 2020-2022

Thanks to:


Photo by Terry Lorant, featuring Sandy Counts, Billy Kessler, Wendy Parkman, Larry Pisoni, Gypsy Snider, all of Pickle Family Circus. Photo courtesy of Gypsy Snider.