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If dusk tangled with dawn

Kinitiras Studio
Athens, Greece
January 2012

Direction: Anna Vigeland with Katerina Toumpa, Stefanos Filos,

Anna Papathanasiou, and Peter Balov

Based off the poem
If dusk tangled with dawn / αν τα 'βαζε η δύση με την αυγή
by Nikos Erinakis

With the painting
melancholia imaginativa
by Anna Papathanasiou

Violin and musical compositions: Stefanos Filos

Sound design: Peter Balov

Choreography: Katerina Toumpa and Anna Vigeland

Onstage:Katerina Toumpa, Anna Papathanasiou, Stefanos Filos,  Anna Vigeland

Voice: Anna Papathanasiou

Set: Anna Papathanasiou and Peter Balov

Voices in poetry recording: All the artists, with Christiana Drosou

Greek coordinator: Nicole Dedousi

Created through a residency at Kinitiras Studio

Press: DancePress

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