Spe(c)ktacle avec un K (Kafakafakafa)
Farce and contemporary circus project, sparked by a meeting with theatre and film director Maja Maletković of Belgrade during a project with ITI Germany/Theater der Welt Festival in 2017.
Developed through a series of research blocks in Serbia and Canada, drawing on a team of collaborators from Belgrade and Montreal.


February 2020

Creation block and presentations - PJE, Montreal

Spe(c)ktacle avec un K (Kafakafakafa)

June 2019

Residency and presentations - Dom Kulture Čačak, Serbia
Working title: Kafka Lies

March 2019

Pre-production residency - Dom Kulture Čačak, Serbia

November 2018

Research and creation block - Studio Cosy, Montreal 

July 2018

Presentations - Marché International du Cirque Contemporain (MICC) at the  Montreal Complètement Cirque Festival

December 2017 

Research and co-writing  with Maja Maletkovic and Peter Balov, hosted by Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia. 

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