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Directing and co-directing, performance-writing, choreography:

Paradecompact / performance collaboration co-initiated with Maja Maletkovic / iterations in Montreal, Quebec (PJE, 2020), Čačak, Serbia (Dom Kulture Čačak, 2019) / role: co-director

Fall and Rise, Saratov, 1997 / interactive performance game, oral history and circus history project, 2019 / role: researcher, devisor

Access Points IV / co-devised performance project on barge along Elbe River / German Center of the          International Theatre Institute / Theater der Welt Festival  (2017) / role: collaborator, co-deviser

Corridor, Hallway of Trapezes (trapeze installation project, phases in Chicago/ Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival (2015); Toronto/ Hercinia (2017); Montreal (first research, 2015) / role: director

Caravan / three seasons as circus choreographer for sailing political theatre troupe: Nomadic Tempest (production in Saint Petersburg, FL/US tour/2017) Hacked (remount) (production in Jacksonville, FL/leading to US tour) / Hacked (Lafitte, LA/2013 ) / role: circus choreographer

Putishta / promenade-style performance collaboration with circus and other artists from across Bulgaria / Sofia Day Festival” (Sofia, Bulgaria), Pro-Rodopi Art Centre (Smolyan, Bulgaria), “Pierrot” International Puppet Theatre for Adults Festival (Stara Zagora, Bulgaria), State Puppet Theatre of Sliven Magic of the Wind International Festival of Arts (Sliven, Bulgaria)/2015 role: initator, director

Inside/Outside: Window (site-specific trio in the Norwegian Arctic Circle/Arctic Cultural Centre, Hammerfest, Norway, 2013) role: co-devisor, co-performer

Waltz of a window and question for Festival Alta Stagione, Naples, Italy/ short performance duo developed in stairwell, 2013 / role: director, performer

E se… for InTeatro Festival / site-specific performance with ten performers, co-directed with Serena Gatti, 2012 / role: co-director, performer

If dusk tangled with dawn, collaboration with Athens-based artists based on one of their poems (Kinitiras Studio), 2012 / role: director, performer


Translation for performance:

Translation for English-version audio narration accompanying The Last Chapter for UNESCO World Book Capital 2019 opening performance by The 7 Fingers / Sharjah (2018)

Translation around performance: 

Translation for “Le Cirque dans l’espace public” panel (Montreal Complètement Cirque Festival MICC); translation of performance materials for Cirque Plume (France), Teatro Dimitri (Switzerland), The 7 Fingers (Quebec)


Arts coordination:

Training programs programming assistance for En Piste, National Circus Arts Alliance of Canada

Writing for performance:

Writing assistance for The 7 Fingers (Montreal) on storyboards, show synopses (The Last Chapter, Duel Reality, Ships in the Night, etc.). (2017, 2018, 2019)



Oral history project with former circus performers (ongoing since 2019)

Médiation numérique dans les arts de la scène project between Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, l’Université du Québec à Montréal, Concordia (research assistant , since 2019)

World Circus Stories Mapping Project (research assistant, 2020)


Circus: The 7 Fingers (touring), Lookingglass Theater (Chicago), Cavalia (touring), Universal Studios Japan/Generating Company (Osaka), Adam and Eve (Antalya, Turkey), Circus Reaction (Tel Aviv, Israel), Pendulum (Portland, OR), En Plein Corps (Quebec/France)

Television: Franco Dragone Productions/RTP TV2

Events: Cirque du Soleil special events, Cirque Eloize special events, Silverguy Productions 

Multidisciplinary: Bestiarium (Productions des aiguilles à tricoter/Montreal); Alto Fragile (Naples, Italy), Livia Marques (Italy), Irina Kundrashova (Italy).



2018-               Concordia University (Montreal). Pursuing Master of Arts / Individualized Program in                           Humanities (part-time program of study parallel to performance projects).

2010-2012       University of Massachusetts University Without Walls (Amherst, MA). Bachelor of Arts with honors. Liberal arts program. Full scholarship. Completed degree by correspondence while touring with circus.

2004-2007       National Circus School of Montreal (Canada). Diploma in Circus Arts.

2002-2003       Centre des arts du cirque de Chambéry (France). First non-European admitted. Full scholarship

Awards / grants / residencies / fellowships:

Canada Council for the Arts. Concept to realization grant (2019-2020)

Concordia Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science’s Funding of Special Projects and Events (2020)

Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. Travel grant (2019)
2018     Canada Council for the Arts. Research and creation grant.

2018     Canada Council for the Arts. Arts Across Canada travel grant.
2017     Dramatic writing residency, Yugoslav Dramatic Theater (Belgrade, Serbia).
2017     German Center of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), “Artist participant grant” (Hamburg, Germany).

2017     Canada Council for the Arts. Arts Abroad travel grant.

2016     Canada Council for the Arts. Inter-arts travel grant.

2015     ALOFT (Chicago, IL) First invited artist-in-residence and first grant recipient of “High Res” Residency and Incubator Support Program.

2015     Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. Travel grant.

2015     Canada Council for the Arts. Inter-arts travel grant.

2014     Theatre Communications Group (New York, NY) 
Global Connections On the Road Grant supported by Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to lead research in Bulgaria in preparation for intercultural arts collaboration.

2013     Dansearena nord (Hammerfest, Norway). Travel grant and research-creation residency.

2013     TeatrInGestAzione (Naples, Italy). Research-creation residency.

2013     Antitesi Circo Teatro (Pontedera, Italy). Research-creation residency.

2012     Arts Printing House (Vilnius, Lithuania). Travel grant and research-creation residency.

2012     InTeatro (Polverigi, Italy) Collaborative arts residency program IFA.
2012     Kinitiras Studio (Athens, Greece) Residency and support to develop and present performance collaboration.
2004     Fractured Atlas (NYC) Creative Development Grant to train cloudswing in Montreal.

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