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"E se…/And if... the staircase of the Palazzio become a real stage? The performers, under the guidance of Anna Vigeland and Serena Gatti, dance in a seamless flow, to the call of a saxophone player on top of the tower behind them.

Intersections, collisions of lives, an unusual scenario. And that's the beauty of contemporary theater.

The show E se…/And if ... is a constantly evolving experimental dance posing as objective the study of gesture, where music is a fundamental extension to search for expression and a means of dialogue between the inner worlds and surrounding realities... The line between audience and artists, in fact, does not exist."


-- Giada D'Addazio (translated from the Italian) 


"Anna Vigeland wildly soars..." 
--Hedy Weiss, Theater Critic, Chicago Sun-Times


"Anna Vigeland performed a show stopping solo…twisting and tumbling on a slack rope high above the stage."
--Dan Zeff, Chicagoland Theater Reviews


“Breathtaking feats…Bravo for bringing simplicity to such heights!”
--Adrienne Jean Fisher, iDANZ Critix Corner


"Supporting performances sweeten this visual treat. Among them are Anna Vigeland's joyful turn..."
--Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald (Chicago) 

“…aerialist Anna Vigeland…hangs out stylishly on [the] single-point trapeze…”
--Liz Arratoon, The Stage

"Anna Vigeland… a donné un superbe numéro à la corde volante"
--Echo Vedette (Montreal)

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