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Spe(c)ktacle avec un K 

February 2020

Productions Jeun’Est, Montréal

Initiation, co-direction:

Maja Maletković and Anna Vigeland
On stage: Grégoire Blanc, Stéphane Gentilini, Pierrot Houde, Sabine Jean, Evelyne Laforest
Set design: Vera Komarčević

Costume design: Veljko Stojanović

Music and sound environment: Grégoire Blanc

Lighting: Maja Maletković assisted by Caite Clark

Movement and dramaturgy advisor: Andréane Leclerc

Technical director: Peter Balov

Stage and rehearsal manager: Caite Clark

Costume construction: Sladjana Guslov

Technical support: Productions Jeun'Est and Caite Clark

Thanks to the artists who took part in early research stages of this project: Guillaume Biron, Barthélémy Glumineau, Sabine Jean, Andréane Leclerc, Emile Pineault

Thanks also to: Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Canada; Embassy of Canada to Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro; Rasmus Sylvest; Studio Cosy Montréal; Krassy Halatchev; Rachel Walker; Ben Philippi; la famille Maletković; Isabelle Boileau; Sophie Picard; Cloé Alain-Gendreau; Geoffroy Faribault

Thanks to our partners:

Canada Council for the Arts, City of Čačak, PJE


Photos: Antonia Gueorguieva

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