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  • Creative research for circus artists 

  • Choreography for aerialists

  • Creative movement in the air for children

  • Creating with/from circus histories for artists

  • Choreography tools for circus coaches


Page from student's notebook, Matica Arts

Circo Teatro Antitesi (Pisa, Italy) - Arts Printing House (Vilnius, Lithuania) - Hercinia Arts Collective (Toronto) - Sandciel Circus College (Yakum, Israel) - New York Aerial Arts (Manhattan) - Skybox (Brooklyn) - Aloft (Chicago, IL) - Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival (Denver, CO)  - Pendulum Aerial Arts (Portland, Oregon)  - Matica Arts (Harwinton, CT) - Kinetic Theory (Los Angeles, CA) - Cirque School (Los Angeles, CA) - Bayside Sports Academy (Saint Petersburg, FL)

Introduction to Dramaturgy / Concordia University (TA to Prof. Emma Tibaldo) - The Creative Process / Concordia University (TA to Prof. Kate Bligh)

"Anna's workshop reminded me why I wanted to pursue circus arts. Anna really opened me up to the idea of presence. Since Anna's workshop, I move with more fluidity, I'm more confident, and I'm able to emote while performing difficult skills. I cannot thank her enough for introducing me to the cloudswing and teaching various exercises that have really enhanced my vitality as a performer." -Circus artist Lila Marie Balamane

"I've literally never done anything like that in my entire life. I've been reflecting on the workshop and just thinking how great it felt to do those things once I moved past myself.  I felt so good about myself after each day." -Pendulum Aerial Arts former Head of Education Kephri Gwinn

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