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Spe(c)ktacle avec un K /
Kafka Lies

Co-created with Maja Maletković in collaboration with participating artists and designers

Developed through a series of workshops in Serbia and Canada, drawing on a team of collaborators from Belgrade and Montreal

February 2020 - PJE, Montreal

June 2019 - Dom Kulture Čačak, Serbia​

On stage: Grégoire Blanc, Stéphane Gentilini, Pierrot Houde, Sabine Jean, Evelyne Laforest
Set design: Vera Komarčević

Costume design: Veljko Stojanović

Music and sound environment: Grégoire Blanc

Movement and dramaturgy advisor: Andréane Leclerc

Technical director: Peter Balov

Stage and rehearsal manager: Caite Clark

Costume construction: Sladjana Guslov

Technical support: Productions Jeun'Est and Caite Clark

Thanks to the artists who took part in early research stages of this project: Guillaume Biron, Barthélémy Glumineau, Sabine Jean, Andréane Leclerc, Emile Pineault

Thanks also to: Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Canada, Embassy of Canada to Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro, Rasmus Sylvest, Studio Cosy Montréal, Krassy Halatchev, Rachel Walker, the Maletković family, Isabelle Boileau, Sophie Picard, Cloé Alain-Gendreau, Geoffroy Faribault

Thanks to:

Photos by Natasha Kukić

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