Anna Vigeland makes and collaborates on performance projects and works by turns as a researcher, performer, choreographer, and translator.

Her current research project works with other people's memories of once-live shows. Her past performance work has been developed, co-developed, and presented at the Arctic Cultural Centre (Norway), Alta Stagione Festival (Italy), InTeatro Festival (Italy), Kinitiras (Greece), NYC Aerial Dance Festival, Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival, Dom Kulture Čačak (Serbia), and in a series of outdoor festivals in Bulgaria.

As a collaborator on others’ projects: Anna spent three seasons as circus choreographer with sailing grassroots theater Caravan Stage; translated performances (live translation during Philippe Goudard's 2021 performance of his play, “Du côté de la vie” in Montreal,

translation for the English audio version of The 7 Fingers' The Lost Chapter at Sharjah World Book Capital 2019) and translated hundreds of texts for circuses, scholars, artists, and arts groups (Canadian Association for Theatre Research, Cirque Plume, Teatro Dimitri, 7 Fingers); conducted interviews connected to Hamburg ports and co-devised them into a performance on a barge (ITI Germany /Theater der Welt Festival); collaborated on choreography with Emily Hughes for her one-woman circus/clown show “Goodbye Esther,” and assisted on multiple research projects (Concordia University, CRILCQ, Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling).

Anna began her career as a circus performer (7 Fingers, Lookingglass Theater, Cavalia, Universal Studios Japan, Circus Reaction, Franco Dragone Productions/RTP TV2, Cirque du Soleil events, Cirque Eloize events, TeatrInGestAzione, etc,) and continues to perform in different interdisciplinary projects (Nadère arts vivants, Productions les aiguilles à tricoter). 

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts and the National Circus School of Montreal, she is currently finishing an interdisciplinary MA at Concordia in Montreal.