Anna Vigeland works by turns as a performance writer, (co) director, choreographer, translator, arts facilitator and researcher. 


She's developed and co-developed performance projects ranging from a collaboration with Athens-based artists drawing off one of their poems (Kinitiras Studio, Greece), to a music and aerial duo in a stairwell (Festival Alta Stagione, Naples, Italy), to a site-specific trio in the Norwegian Arctic Circle (Arctic Cultural Centre, Hammerfest, Norway), to a trapeze installation (Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival), to a promenade performance series with circus and other artists from across Bulgaria (Bulgarian tour), to a current oral history and performance project re-presenting other artists’ memories of shows.


As a collaborator on others’ projects: she spent three seasons as circus choreographer with sailing political theater Caravan Stage; translated scripts for circus shows (The Lost Chapter/7 Fingers/Sharjah World Book Capital 2019); conducted interviews connected to Hamburg ports and co-devised them into a performance on a barge (ITI Germany /Theater der Welt Festival); and continues to support others' projects as a choreographer, translator, researcher, and facilitator. 


Anna began her career as a circus performer (7 Fingers, Lookingglass Theater, Cavalia, Universal Studios Japan, Circus Reaction, Franco Dragone Productions/RTP TV2, Cirque du Soleil events, Cirque Eloize events, NYC Aerial Dance Festival, Y2D Productions/Aiguilles à tricoter, TeatrInGestAzione/Alto Fragile, etc.).


She's a graduate of the National Circus School of Montreal and the University of Massachusetts and, alongside her professional projects, is currently pursuing an MA at Concordia in Montreal. - ©Anna Vigeland